The Management Program

This program is designed to prepare the student to direct the work of others. Course work includes the study of lower division manager functions, systems and critical success factors of: analyses, evaluation, selection, communication, production and follow-up. Management studies introduce the student to dynamic processes of goals/objectives setting, planning, doing and achieving successful results for the individual or organization. Although emphasis is on business and economic organizations, the learning is relevant to our daily living. The main issue is recognition of changing environments, relationships, and leadership.


Management Related Degrees & Certificates

 A.S. Degree in Management Supervision 
(60 units)

This degree requires students complete their general education requirements and the Certificate in Management/Supervision.

 Certificate in Management/Supervision 
(24 units)

This certificate introduces students to the many facets of management.

 Project Management Concentration 
(9 units)

This concentration is designed for employees currently or planning to manage projects. Management theory is incorporated with technology to provide students the tools necessary to be productive.
 For a complete list of the course requirements follow the link to the MSJC College Catalog.

Course Highlights

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