Computer Applications

The Computer Application Program
The Computer Application courses (CAPP) have two goals. First, to teach students how to use the applications and how to utilize the application in "real-world" scenarios. We cannot teach every aspect of an applications, but we can get students comfortable enough with the programs so they can research new functions and apply them to their needs. Second, our Microsoft courses are designed to prepare students for the MOS certification exam given by Microsoft.


Computer Application Related Degrees & Certificates

 A.S. Degree in Office Administration
(60 units)

This is a general Office Administration degree, however if your focus is in computer applications you can take all your electives in CAPP courses.

Certificate in Business, Office Administration Technician 
(28 units) 

This certificate prepares student to work in a technical office environment.

Certificate in Business Clerical
(26 units)

This certificate prepares students to be successful in the many clerical roles required in the modern office environment. 

 Certificate in Microsoft Application Specialist 
(18 units)

Want to be knowledgeable of all the common office applications?  This certificate is for you. 

 Office Technologies Concentration 
(9 units

This employment concentration is designed for those who want to learn the basic office applications.

 Professional Development Concentration 
(9 units)

This concentration was developed for those currently in the workforce, however all are welcome who need a refresher on basic business application skills.
 For a complete list of the course requirements follow the link to the MSJC College Catalog.

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