Business Administration

The Business Administration Program
Business Administration program introduces the student to the world of commercial transactions, which occur in the distribution of resources in our American economic system. These courses offer students opportunities to acquire practical skills, technical knowledge and experience, and improved conceptual abilities and theory in the areas of Accounting, Business Law, Finance, Marketing and Management. A core concentration in this area, in conjunction with the MSJC General Education Option A requirements, leads to a major in Business Administration. There are also certificate programs in Accounting and Tax Preparation, Business Administration and Small Business Operations.


Business Administration Related Degrees & Certificates

 A.S. Degree in Business Administration 
(60 units)

This degree requires students complete their general education requirements and the BADM major courses.

 Certificate in Business Administration 
(24 units)

This certificate introduces students to the many areas of business.

Certificate in Small Business Operations 
(24 units)

Interested in running a small buainsess? The courses in this certificate can help get you started.

 Entrepreneurship Concentration 
(12 units)

If you are ready to open your own business, this concentration is for you. These courses are designed to get you focused and pointed in the right direction. 

 Management Communications 
(9 units

Communication is the key in any operation. These courses will hone your communication skills.

 Professional Development Concentration 
(9 units)

This concentration was developed for those currently in the workforce, however all are welcome, who need a refresher on basic business skills.
 For a complete list of the course requirements follow the link to the MSJC College Catalog.

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